A History Of The Victor Talking Machine Company

The Victor Talking Machine Guitar Company

victor logoFrom the years of 1901-1929 an corporation in America existed called the The Victor Talking Machine Company. It was in its time the leading manufacturer of phonographs and phonograph records in the country and among the most prolific and well respected producers on an international level as well. It's headquarters could be found at New Jersey.

The company was originally built from nothing by a man called Eldridge R. Johnson. He had plenty of previous experience in the phonograph industry having worked for other companies in the field such as Berliner Gramophone Records. There is some controversy over whether or not Emile Berliner had some part to play in the founding of the Victor Talking Machine Company however nothing concrete to the fact was ever presented.

It was widely recognized that Johnson was an astute and well able businessman. He was clever enough to build talking machines or not only the more affluent sections of society but also a more economical range for those who were among the poorer classes. The early models very much resembled Berliner's phonograph in that it had a small needle which led directly to a brass horn. He seemed however it began to make improvements to the cabinets and perhaps more importantly to the mechanisms involved in the playing of phonograph records.

He diversify the product line building machines with multiple spring motors and beautifully finished work or mahogany cabinets, a beautiful piece of furniture for any home to show off. In the prewar period Johnson came up with a new line photographs were by the weight of the sound horn was supported independently from the record and he also came up with numerous new styles of horns. Later he would even go on to the science which concealed the amplifying horn completely inside the wooden cabinet itself making the unit is far more attractive and compact. In order to separate these new styles of photographs from the traditional Victors he called them Victrolas.

in 1929 Victor talking machine company made an important marriage with another company known at that time as the Radio Corporation of America. One of the world's most famous brands was born that day named RCA Victor. The company went on to continue its work as a leader in the field of sound recording and playback technology.

Modern Audio Technology In Online Guitar Lessons

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